‘On the Hunt’ for Cherry Blossoms With a Japanese Film Crew

On the weekend of February 4, I spent several hours with a film crew from Japan, explaining the origin of Washington’s cherry blossoms and Eliza Scidmore’s role in helping to bring them to America. They’re producing a documentary for the TBS network, to air March 18, 2017, as part of its “Mystery Hunter” series.

From left, reporter Nakada Asumi, assistant director Hoshuyama Aki, me, production coordinator Keiji Jinn Nishimura (in glasses, center), director Suzuki Yohei, audio man Sakuma Toshimi and camera man Fukumoto Noriyuki.

What a hard-working group they were.  They visited me at home for an interview on Friday afternoon — just hours after arriving on a long flight from Tokyo!

We regrouped on Sunday in West Potomac Park, at the site where the first cherry trees from Japan  were planted in March 1912. Fortunately, as production coordinator Keiji “Jinn” Nishimura (back center) told me, they also filmed the cherry trees in bloom last spring, so they have footage of the peak season.

It was a joy to meet and work with such talented professionals.

After leaving me at mid-afternoon on Sunday, they headed off across town to film … the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl!



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  2. Rumi Umino

    Dear Diana,
    Today, I am watching a Japanese TV show “Discover Wonders in the World” (Sekai Fushigi Hakken), partly featuring Scidmore, and have thought of you!
    Keep in touch!

    • Rumi.
      Thanks for alerting me to this.
      It was great seeing you during my trip to Japan in March 2013 and I hope we’ll be able to reconnect again in person before too long. I look forward to giving you a copy of my book when it’s done!
      Best, Diana

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